The Dangers of External Corrosion of Oil & Gas Pipelines

External Corrosion of Oil & Gas Pipelines

Both internal and external corrosion of oil and gas pipelines are a major concern. While internal corrosion is more frequent (and can be harder to address), external corrosion still accounts for a large number of corrosion-related incidents. Furthermore, most organizations are able to plan for and directly mitigate internal corrosion, whereas external corrosion may be … Read more

What Is the ASME B16.9 Standard?

What Is the ASME B16.9 Standard

What are some of the most common components a pipe-fitter might use when welding? Buttwelded fittings, of course. But have you ever wondered why it’s usually so easy to find fittings that work? When it comes to factory-made buttwelding fittings, there are specific standards that need to be met during manufacturing. The most popular are … Read more

Domestic Steel Fittings vs International: What’s the Big Deal?

Hot tap tees

Much has been said about domestic steel manufacturing vs. international steel manufacturing. Let’s be clear: It’s usually an issue of cost. International steel manufacturing is seen as being more affordable and plentiful compared to domestic options, but that isn’t always the case. When it comes to domestic steel fittings and international steel fittings, companies can … Read more

Pipe Fittings: Quick Turn vs Stock Orders

Pipe Fittings: Quick Turn vs Stock Orders

When it comes to pipe fittings, there are two major types of fulfillment: quick-turn manufacturing and stock orders. While there may be some edge cases, which type of fulfillment is best will usually be obvious depending on the part and its use. Here’s what you need to know about these different types of ordering parts, … Read more

The Basics of Welding within the Pipeline Industry

The Basics of Welding within the Pipeline Industry

We specialize in manufacturing items like butt weld fittings, but many who aren’t familiar with the term may wonder: What is a butt weld, or a butt weld fitting? This information is intended to give some basic guidelines to welding and definition of terms for welding fittings to pipelines.  Some terms used commonly are butt … Read more

Why Pipeline Hot Tapping Helps Oil & Gas Companies Avoid Disruption

Pipeline Hot Tapping

Sometimes, connections need to be made to a pipeline or a tank without taking the pipeline or tank out of operation. When that happens, it’s time for hot tapping. Hot tapping refers to the ability to make connections to a tank or pipeline without having to shut it down beforehand. Usually, this is done through careful welding … Read more

Concentric vs. Eccentric Reducer: When to Use Which?

Concentric vs. Eccentric Reducer

Pipe reducers are one of the many types of fitting that can be used to control the flow within a piping system. In a piping system, there are two major types of reducer: concentric reducers and eccentric reducers. We’re going to talk about both types of reducer, what they are, and when you might use … Read more

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