Conicals are uniquely designed products used for noise abatement and environmental noise control. A 7.5° taper is maintained with a 2″ tangent on each end.

All Steel Forgings stainless steel cones are made from top-quality steel that meets all standard legal specifications for measures like strength and corrosion resistance.



To quote a Conical we need the following:

  • Size (See Product Dimension Tab)
  • Wall Thickness (Standard or XH)
  • Material


2×1, 3×2, 4×3, 4×2, 6×4, 6×3, 8×6, 8×4, 10×8, 10×6, 12×10, 12×8

Wall Thickness

Standard, XH


WPB, Y42, Y52, Y60, Y65, Y70, WPL6, Other (Please describe in Notes)

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