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Utilized for decades on pipeline projects everywhere, Fleet-Line products continue to be the brand of choice for builders all around the world. Fleet-Line brand Saddles, Tees, Reducers, Caps, Conicals, Pipeliners and other custom parts are unmatched in pedigree and quality.


Our attention to detail has placed Steel Forgings at the top of the pipe fittings manufacturers, both in terms of quality as well as customer care. Every part that leaves our facility passes through a rigorous testing and QA/QC process. We stand by every product we make, and will work tirelessly to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our countless years of combined experience and expertise as a buttweld fitting manufacturer will serve you.

Our History

Steel Forgings, Inc. began operations in 1947, after having been founded by Mr. T.D. Sedberry and Mr. Fleet “Blackie” Davis. Our initial activities consisted primarily of supplying specialty fittings for the oil and gas industry.

The company began operations with just four employees in downtown Shreveport, LA. However, as the business grew, it gained many loyal customers while adding new products. Shortly thereafter, the company launched the product line that we are most widely known for – “Fleet-Line”.

The customer base, production techniques, product offerings, and level of technology have evolved over time, but the competitive advantages of Steel Forgings are still based on the same principles that ensured our company’s success in 1947 – superior-quality products, fast turnaround times, and integrity in all aspects of the business.

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